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Edith Gordon

Edith Gordon is the founding secretary of ASTHFI and also Director of Ingredients for Wellbeing, an organisation that specialises in delivering coaching, therapy and training for individuals and corporations to help develop a resilient lifestyle/workstyle within each person or organisation. Edith has over 25 years of experience in working with emergency response workers & veterans in dealing with PTSD and training corporations in dealing with crisis situations and setting up their own peer support systems.

Edith is passionate about inspiring people to live a happier, healthier and creative life that is sustainable in a holistic way. She loves to combine her work with a sustainable green way of living within the boundaries and possibilities there are. The body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment are not separate but exist as one continuum; we can lose our sense of well-being when we disregard this interconnection. Working with Social Therapeutic Horticulture interventions on an individual or group level is making this interconnection possible within a safe and supportive environment.


As a facilitator, she witnesses the power of STH, where people are able to care for plants and nature; and through that, they are able to care for themselves, which enhances their own resilience. Edith is also passionate about raising awareness of STH and its inherent benefits, and has written an article on such available on the ASTHFI website (find it here). 

Contact Details

Edith Gordon

Teeromoyle, Kells, Co. Kerry V23KD91


Phone: 087 161 8846


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