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Tanya O'Brien

Tanya O'Brien is a founding member of the Association of Social Therapeutic Horticulture Facilitators. With over 30 years of experience, Tanya graduated from the Botanic Gardens in 1990 and has been working in the field ever since. Her deep passion for plants and belief in the healing benefits of nature have been the driving force behind her work.

Tanya brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Her extensive experience has given her a unique perspective on the role that nature can play in our lives. Tanya is dedicated to helping people discover the healing power of plants and nature and has been an active advocate for social horticulture therapy.

Beautiful Landscape

In addition to her extensive experience in horticulture, Tanya is fortunate to be based in the stunning North Co Wicklow region, known for its breathtaking natural beauty. This region is home to the Wicklow Mountains National Park, which boasts 20,000 hectares of rolling hills, heather-covered mountains, and tranquil lakes. The park is also home to several rare plant species, including the majestic mountain avens and the delicate alpine saxifrage, which are found in few other places in the world.


With its unique blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, North Co Wicklow provides the perfect backdrop for horticulture therapy, offering a peaceful and nurturing environment for people to connect with nature and experience the healing power of plants.

As a founding member of our association, Tanya is committed to providing a space where people can learn about the benefits of horticulture therapy and connect with others who share their love of plants and nature. We are proud to have Tanya as a part of our team and look forward to the contributions she will make to our growing association and the social therapeutic horticulture therapy community as a whole.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

087 2717575

Shanti , Ballyronan road , Kilquade, Co Wicklow

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