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Thank you for joining us at the Annual Event 2024. HOW DO WE GROW

Updated: Mar 4

Our theme this year was "How Do We GROW"

For this event were pleased to welcome the following speakers.

Sean Boylan from Dunboyne Herbs

A well-known herbalist and natural healer.

Sean talked about his relationship with herbs.

Professor Lizbeth Goodman from UCD who spoke about "Strategic Partnership Opportunities across Europe". She is Woman of the Decade - WEF 2019; G100 Global Chair; STEM Education - WEF 2021-2023; CARE Economy & Supportive Leadership 2023.

Niall O'Brien from the Grow Dome Project

A former journalist and sub-editor, he published his own magazine and worked for national newspapers. Around 2013, he became interested in hydroponics and aquaponics, which ultimately led to the creation of a social enterprise called The Grow Dome Project; the project has won many local and national awards for its social impact and is slowly expanding across Dublin with a third Grow Dome planned for 2024.

Niall will talked about the growth of the project.

In the afternoon, we had three Workshops available for our members

Workshop: How to work with the GROW model

Workshop: How to work with group facilitation

Workshop: Open mentoring session

We want to thank your for joining us, so we could GROW together!

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