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Sowing the seeds of community: launching the ASTHFI in McAuley place

Earlier this year on March 25th, we were delighted to launch the Association of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Facilitators of Ireland (ASTHFI) in the stunning inter-generational space of McAuley Place in Naas. We marked this special occasion by inviting all Social Therapeutic Horticulture enthusiasts and facilitators to engage in a one-day seminar to co-create nature-based solutions.

The seminar aimed to explore how we can create a better network and regenerative all-island future through green care and nature-based social and therapeutic experiences. Throughout this Spring-inspired event, we provided a space for enthusiasts and professionals from all levels and sectors to come together to listen, talk, debate and action plan our roots as a community and sector. We also discussed ways in which we can branch out to sustainably support our communities, organizations, and our planet.

The seminar was a ‘blooming’ success, with over 50 nature enthusiasts in attendance throughout the day. We had a diverse range of activities on offer, including a panel of speakers, interactive sessions, a guided walk through McCauley Place, demonstrations, and a research lab exploring current STH themes to inform future evidence-based practices. The day featured 10 passionate speakers with varied experiences and insights into the transformative power of nature- and green-based interventions.

The audience sharing their experience as one of the events at the seminar.

Speaking on the event, founding chairperson Nicola Carroll said:

“I am thrilled with the success of our launching seminar, which focused on seeding new beginnings and branching out our vision for social and therapeutic horticulture in Ireland. We were inspired by a range of passionate speakers who shared their experiences and reflections on authentic STH actions rooted in the Irish context, and explored the challenges and opportunities of building partnerships across sectors. The interactive activities in the afternoon session allowed us to network, exchange practices, and co-create new projects for 2023. We are excited to continue our collaborative work to support sustainable communities and organizations, and to promote the healing power of nature-based social and therapeutic experiences for people and planet”

As the managing committee of ASTHFI, we would like to once again thank all seminar participants, attendants and McAuley place for providing us with a beautiful location. We would also like to thank Festina Lente for helping us to organise the event. We are currently putting together a detailed reflection on the day, which we hope to share soon. We are excited to plan and deliver more similar events in the future to expand the networking branches of our STH community.

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